Net Freedom Ring

The astro-turf organization "Net Freedom Ring" opposes FCC net neutrality regulations, and encourages people to submit comments to the FCC. I rewrote their pre-written comment to represent my opinion, not theirs, and submitted it from their site.

Posted via form on on July 4, 2017.


[ NOTE: On July 4, 2017 I was asked to submit a pre-written comment on
I changed that comment to represent my beliefs, which are opposite of the views of that organization.
Any header or trailer added to my remark are FORGERIES.
I will also post my comment on ]

I support Network Neutrality and I oppose the goals and rhetoric of organizations such as "Net Freedom Ring."
I reject the idea that "Free Press" and "Fight for the Future" are "Neo-Marxists."
It is "Net Freedom Ring" that is the "AstroTurf Campaign."
I support the FCC's protective Internet regulations.

What frightens Americans is not some undefined group of "internet leftists" but the corporations that profit
from their role as gate-keepers to the internet. You know who I'm talking about - your Internet service provider
and your cell phone company.

These companies are trying to censor our viewpoints, block users and competitors online, prioritize their own
services, and destroy our online privacy. They are now even using their unrivaled corporate influence and greed
to destroy our news media and free expression.

If any business sector in America today needs rules, it is the Telecom Industry's gluttonous monopolies that are
destroying our Internet.

Please preserve the FCC's protective regulation of the Internet before our free and open Internet is destroyed.