We don't "torture", we torture.

Reputable sources keep qualifying the word "torture" when reporting what our CIA did in its secret prisons. Now we can stop doing that, because the President of United States says "we tortured some folks." Here are youtube.com links to C-SPAN coverage of his press conference on August 1, 2014.

There is still one problem. Who calls enemies "folks?"

Maybe I should ask

How do I influence Senators? I can't organize. I have one vote to refrain from casting. I have no money to refrain from giving. Most senators do not have access to the report. Dianne Feinstein said on the Senate Floor that CIA employees tried to seize the "Panetta Report" from committee computers. This did not cause visible action.

Maybe Republican Senator John McCain could help. He is friendly to the military, and he was tortured by the North Vietnamese.

Maybe I should just ask. I know a person who "acts as if" major corporations were moral human beings, and I am constantly surprised that sometimes it helps. I should not be clever, not be rude, not lecture, not disguise who I am, not reason (they know already), not appeal to their better nature.

I snail-mailed this letter (pdf) to half a dozen Senators. I asked for a copy of the report, but gave them ways out. I want them to feel good about themselves.

Updated December 9, 2014

It took forever, but the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released the executive summary of the torture report.

The report, on the US Senate website.
A copy of the report, on tincansandstring.net.

Updated April 29, 2015

The office of Senator John McCain sent this email.

Updated December 25, 2015

John McCain was the only Senator who responded.

Edited October 7, 2016

Corrected "Panella Report" to "Panetta Report".

Edited January 21, 2019

Added a link to official copy of the report on the senate.gov website.